Unleash the Power
of AI-Driven Song Analytics

Gain a new dimension through which to understand today's music scene and where it's headed.

Song analytics for Billboard's most
popular charts going back to the beginning of the century.

Gain unprecedented insight into how the compositional, lyrical and sonic DNA of hit songs are evolving.

  • What's driving today's music scene and where is it headed?
  • What are the qualities that differentiate songs at the top of the charts from those at the bottom?
  • What qualities are unique to different consumption channels such as streaming, radio, and digital downloads?

Understand what your songs or catalogues have in common with today's charts.

  • Which song should I release as a single now?
  • What songs in my catalogue should I be pushing now?
  • Where should I place my marketing dollars?
  • Which artist has the most potential for commercial success today?
  • Which catalogue should we acquire that can be monetized now?

Sooner or later, everything old is new again.

ChartCipher's data goes back to the beginning of this century (or when the chart was first published), allowing you to uncover new opportunities by understanding how trends have been modernized over the years to reflect the sound of the times.

Understanding these cycles can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Interactive Reports and Searches


These curated chart-specific reports help you understand the hit song landscape by providing you with insight into what’s on the rise, what’s in decline, what’s most popular, and more.


Compare subsets of individual charts. For example, what differentiates songs at the top of the charts from those at the bottom? Or what do  songs with staying power (10+ weeks on the chart) have in common?

Cross-Charts Comparisons

Compare multiple charts to pinpoint commonalities and the qualities that are unique to each chart. For example, compare Streaming vs. Radio or Hot Country vs. Country Airplay.

Interactive Trend Searches

ChartCipher offers highly customized searches across hundreds of compositional, lyrical, structural and production criteria. Further fine-tune searches with filters including date ranges, peak chart position, weeks on the chart, genre and more.


Custom Trend

Based on your needs, ChartCipher will design custom reports that deliver the specific data and analysis that you require.


Benchmark your own songs or catalogues against today's charts and find out how they fit in to the Hit Song landscape..


Analyze your catalogue to find songs that possess similar qualities to charting songs.

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