Unleash the Power
of AI-Driven Song Analytics

A new dimension through which to understand today's music scene and where it's headed.

Gain unprecedented insight into how the compositional, lyrical and sonic DNA of hit songs are evolving.

ChartCipher is a subscription-based platform offering granular AI-driven song analytics. A joint venture between MyPart and Hit Songs Deconstructed, it leverages MyPart’s award-winning AI-powered analysis of the compositional, lyrical, and sonic qualities of songs and fuses it with Hit Songs Deconstructed’s acclaimed song analysis methodologies and song analytics visualization platform. ChartCipher has partnered with Billboard to provide song analytics for all of Billboard’s most popular charts.

ChartCipher analyzes thousands of datapoints for charting songs, ranging from sound and production to harmony, melody and rhythmic elements to song structure and arrangement to lyrical storylines, narrative, and literary and linguistic devices, and translates them into terms that executives and artists can comprehend and use.

The platform offers an extensive set of filters that allow you to manipulate and visualize hit song trend data in a multitude of ways, helping you understand how the hit song landscape is evolving. It also helps you answer questions such as what qualities differentiate songs that get to the top of the charts, what qualities are unique to songs that chart for longer periods of time, and what do different genre charts have in common.

I would use ChartCipher to identify changes in trends, and better filter my "candidates". ChartCipher would also be very fruitful in videoclip/audioclip advertisement production... the tool would obviously give an edge to the subscribers.

Jacques Goldhar

Investment banker and musician

Fun Platform! It’s interesting to see composition and production... what is trending and then compare, tie them to trends... helpful for A&R, Publisher and Music Supervisors, studios etc.

Evan Bogart

CEO Seeker Music

Friendly UI... the dashboard with personalized analysis is the most important tool for me.

Amos Biegun

Global Head of Rights & Royalties at Vistex