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Curated reports to help you understand the hit song landscape.

Quarterly Snapshots:

>> Multi-Quarter Upward  & Downward Trends 

>> Highest/Lowest Levels in 3+ Quarters

Yearly Snapshots:

>> Multi-Year Upward  & Downward Trends

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Most Popular Characteristics

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Benchmark Reports

Slice and dice today's charts for deeper insight.

By comparing subsets of individual charts, you can gain unique insight into:

>> The qualities that differentiate songs at the top of the charts from those at the bottom
>> How new songs compare to those that carried over from the previous quarter
>> What songs with staying power have in common
>> And much more

Cross-Chart Comparisons

Understanding what makes each chart unique.

ChartCipher gives you the ability to compare multiple charts, helping you pinpoint commonalities as well as the qualities that are unique to each chart. For example, compare Streaming vs. Radio or Hot Country vs. Country Airplay.

Compare any or all of the charts below:

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Custom Trend Searches

Tailor your searches to your specific needs.

ChartCipher offers highly customized, interactive searches across hundreds of compositional, lyrical, structural and production criteria.

Further fine-tune your searches with filters including quarterly and yearly date ranges, peak chart position, number of weeks on the chart, genres and other criteria.

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