ChartCipher Features

ChartCipher offers factual data that helps you understand what's trending across genres and consumption channels.

It also offers an additional layer of data that can help you make important decisions.


What single should I release first? 

You are ready to release an album and it's time to decide which song to select as the first single.

ChartCipher's factual data can help you home in on the nuances of what's trending now and help you select the song that has the most potential for success on today's charts.

What artist should I sign?

You've identified several artists you might want to sign, but you are on the fence.

By understanding what’s driving today's music scene and where is it headed, you are more likely to select the artist that has the best chance of being commercially successful now.

ChartCipher can also benchmark the artist's song(s) to help you understand which charts and consumption channels it has the most in common with.

Who should your artist collaborate with?

You notice that, on the genre charts, a particular genre is crossing over into your artist's primary and your artist has been looking for someone to collaborate with.

Look for someone in your roster from the genre that is crossing over to pair with your artist. 

Where should I place my marketing dollars?

You have a limited promotion budget and need to determine how to use it most effectively.

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Cross-Charts Comparisons

Understanding what makes each chart unique.

ChartCipher gives you the ability to compare multiple charts, helping you pinpoint commonalities as well as the qualities that are unique to each chart. For example, compare Streaming vs. Radio or Hot Country vs. Country Airplay. Compare any or all of the charts below:

>> Billboard Hot 100

>> Pop Songs

>> Country Airplay

>> Hot Country Songs

>> Hot Dance/Electronic Songs

>> Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs

>> Hot Rock Songs

>> Streaming Songs

>> Radio Songs

>> Digital Song Sales

Interactive Trend Searches

Dive even deeper with interactive trend searches.

ChartCipher offers highly customized searches across hundreds of compositional, lyrical, structural and production criteria.

Further fine-tune your searches with filters including quarterly and yearly date ranges, peak chart position, number of weeks on the chart, genre and others.

Ready to start harnessing the power of AI-driven song analytics?