Hit Song Analytics

A database of songwriting
and production decisions.

Compositional Trends

Key (Major vs. Minor)

Key (Major, Minor, Major Mode, Minor Mode)

Main Melodic Range

Melodic Interval

Melodic Themes

Chord Repetition

Use of 7th Chords

Use of Inverted Chords

Diatonic Chords

Chord Degree

Lyrical Trends

Lyrical Themes

Lyrical Moods

Song Title Word Count

Internal Rhymes

Midline Rhymes

Rhyme Density Range

End Of Line Rhymes



Person References

Location References

Use of Common Words

Production Trends



Production Mood

Prominent Instruments

Tempo Range


Structure Trends

Average Song Length

Song Length Range

First Section Type

Last Section Type

Chorus Count

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