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AI-Powered Hit Song Analytics Platform ChartCipher Completes Beta Phase

AI-Powered Hit Song Analytics Platform ChartCipher Completes Beta Phase

Launched last year by MyPart and Hit Songs Deconstructed, the platform uses analytics from 10 of Billboard's most popular charts.


AI-powered hit song analytics platform ChartCipher has successfully completed its beta phase and is now accessible to the public, MyPart and Hit Songs Deconstructed jointly announced on Tuesday (Oct. 10).

“Our mission is to empower music creatives and industry professionals with comprehensive, real-time insights into the DNA of today’s most successful songs, and the trends shaping the music charts,” said Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder Yael Penn in a statement. “Streams, engagement, and other performance metrics only tell part of the story. ChartCipher is the missing link. It provides comprehensive data reflecting the compositional, lyrical and sonic qualities fueling today’s charts.”

Added Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder David Penn, “The correlations we can now draw between songwriting and production, spanning various genres and charts, offer unprecedented insights that have the potential to significantly enhance both the creative journey and the decision-making process.”

“ChartCipher’s beta phase confirmed that our AI analytics provide invaluable insights to music creatives and decision-makers,” said MyPart CEO Matan Kollenscher. “From selecting singles through exploring remix and collaboration opportunities to optimizing marketing investments and maximizing catalog utilization, ChartCipher equips users with unique, actionable data vital to making better informed business and creative decisions and understanding the musical landscape.”

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